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11 March 2020Portmerion: A Welsh Italianate Fantasy
12 February 2020The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert
15 January 2020Stanley Spencer: an Autobiography in Pictures
11 December 2019The History of the Stained Glass Window seen through the Christmas Story
13 November 2019Austen's Arcadia: the life and times of Jane Austen
09 October 2019The Cult of the South Pacific: from Cook to Gaugin
11 September 2019Eduoard Manet and Music
10 April 2019The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending
13 March 2019Roman Britain Unearthed (What the Romans really did for Art)
13 February 2019Same Old, Same New ........
16 January 2019Two Queens of the Desert: Lady Hester Stanhope & Zenobia of Palmyra
12 December 2018The Secret Language of Sacred Places: Religious Architecture of the World
14 November 2018The Blue Beast: Power & Passion in the Great War
10 October 2018Thy Trembling Strings
12 September 2018The Cult of Gloriana
09 May 2018'What Really Happened at the Yellow House in Arles 1888?' (Followed by TDFAS Annual General Meeeting)
11 April 2018Great Gardens of the 18th Century: Landscape Gardening from Ha-Has to Hermits
14 March 2018'William Burges' Genius Designer of Victorian Gothic

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Portmerion: A Welsh Italianate Fantasy Matthew Williams Wednesday 11 March 2020

Lectures widely on the subject of design, and is especially interested in that of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A recognised expert in the work of the designer William Burges, he has been the Curator of Cardiff Castle since 1990 and has published widely in art and architectural journals. A long standing member of The Arts Society, Matthew has been a Volunteers Representative, a Programme Secretary and a Chairman. He has been an accredited lecturer of The Arts Society since 2001.