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13 March 2019Roman Britain Unearthed (What the Romans really did for Art)
10 April 2019The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending
08 May 2019Threads of History The world of the Bayeux Tapestry

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Roman Britain Unearthed (What the Romans really did for Art) Gillian Hovell Wednesday 13 March 2019

How and why our art (even in our modern homes) owes so much to the Romans. When the Romans invaded in AD 43 they came to stay and they brought with them not just their soldiers and their language, but their culture, way of life and art. We tap into what archaeology can tell us about the lives of ancient Britons as they adapted to Roman rule. As town life became the way ahead, art and skills flourished and became embedded in our society. We look at our own modern lives too, to explore and bring to life the continuing impact Rome’s invasion of Britain. We are still a product of Ancient Rome and, after this talk, your own homes – and those of your hosts when you visit – will never look the same again!